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Accept who I am or challenge myself? Connect with new possibilities or let go of things that aren’t working? Many of us struggle in our lives to find a balance between these choices. Sometimes this can lead to pain, frustration, unhealthy patterns and possibly even addictions. Does changing feel hard? Sometimes it can. But it’s easier with support with our counselling in Manchester.

​We love to work with singles and couples alike. We believe that most people want to be in healthy, functional relationships, and yet even with our best intentions, we can sometimes find ourselves out of sync with our partner. We are committed to helping you achieve a relationship with your partner that’s positive and rewarding; a relationship that recognises your individual differences!

We are trained in all therapy methods for marriage and couples counselling, which is a model of couples therapy that’s based on scientific research into what makes couples work.

We’ll show you what’s necessary for a strong foundation in relationships, help you manage conflict more effectively, and let you know what things can destroy relationships. We know that relationships can be tough going sometimes, and we will do our best to help you get back on track, feel more hopeful, and navigate this often bumpy terrain more successfully.

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We have had extensive experience working as a counsellor service in the Greater Manchester region for many local people with life problems It was through working with local charities and clients that we realised how powerful it can be for people to be given the opportunity to talk through their feelings, and it was this that led us to undertake a degree in psychology and then to train professionally to become a top-rated counselling service. Although we offer general counselling and can, therefore, work with most issues, we have several areas of specialist interest including depression, abuse, trauma, relationships, life changes, and working within the local community. Counselling and psychotherapy give you the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings, and in doing so find solutions you feel comfortable with and many people find that simply having a space to reflect on their situation with somebody who is not personally involved, critical or judgemental is very useful in itself.

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